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Mt Kenya - the tallest mountain in Kenya and 2nd tallest in Africa.
Starting at Naromoru Mt Kenya national park gate, I will be taking part in a 5 day climb to the summit of Lenana Peak sitting at an impressive 4,985 Meters (16,355 Ft).
Climbing up through the wildlife rich Mt Kenya forest onto the picturesque Kenyan Moorlands. Encountering snow and ice; having to scramble up rock faces and deal with the limited supply of oxygen in the atmosphere - it will definitely be both a physical and mental challenge, and my most ambitious yet!
I have a target of £2,450, this is a 50/50 fundraising event - 50% goes towards costs associated with the trip, and 50% goes straight to the Dig Deep Charity who do such great work for so many communities in Africa.
There will be a project visit where I will get to go to the town of Malek, and experience first-hand what a difference the money you donate can make!
Dig Deep provides Taps, Toilets, Training and sanitary products to help communities understand the importance of hygiene.
So, please DIG DEEP and donate what you can to support such a great charity in making a real difference for those Men, Women and Children less fortunate.

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Mount Kenya 2019 in aid of Dig Deep (Challenges)

Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya and known as the water tower of Kenya. The trek encompasses multiple terrains and a whole host of African wildlife is visible throughout the days on the mountain due to its lush green environment. Watching the sun rise over the vast African ...

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