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Dig Deep (Challenges)

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I am a 3rd year University Student at Birmingham taking on my biggest challenge yet. There are too many people without access to clean water and sanitation and so I decided I wanted to help change this. I have become part of The Dig Deep charity that specialize in the South West of Kenya to provide clean drinking water, safe toilets and training to teachers in health and hygiene.

Throughout my final year at University I will be leading a determined team and putting together different fundraising events to raise as much awareness and money as possible to make sure the lives of others less fortunate than us are made better. Without your donations this wouldn't be possible and so any money raised means we are one step closer to our target.

Donations given allow me and my team to embark on this amazing adventure and also visit a completed project in the village of Malek. We can then see how your donations have been spent and the impact it has had on the community buy speaking to locals who have benefited from this charity. Your money will help other projects in the area to improve the lives of more Kenyan children.

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Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya and known as the water tower of Kenya. The trek encompasses multiple terrains and a whole host of African wildlife is visible throughout the days on the mountain due to its lush green environment. Watching the sun rise over the vast African ...

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