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Zhi Xuan Samantha Choo

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Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Taking a beautiful uphill "hike" to university every morning, deciding what to have each meal, grumbling about the assignments, choosing which dress looks better on us; these are the privileges that we often see as a "hassle". Everyday, we go on about our lives, often missing out on how blessed we are to have everything. To have the privilege of having too many options of clothing or food, while choices may not exist for others.

My name is Samantha Choo, and I am thrilled to be a part of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro/Kenya in aid of Dig Deep. I hail from Malaysia, and I love going on new adventures that challenge myself more each time. Participating in Dig Deep allows me to be a part of this life changing experience at the same time utilising my privilege and help change lives - a win win situation on both ends!

Dig Deep is an organization that focuses to bring the 3T’s - Taps, Toilets and Training, to the communities in rural Kenya. I could never imagine how something as essential as water, could be a privilege to have. Dig Deep trains and help locals to build infrastructure that can provide schools and communities with clean water for the long run. Dig Deep also uses the money raised to build proper toilets for the community. The lack of proper sanitation is detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of the community, and having a safe space to go about something extremely personal improves the safety and dignity, particularly for women and girls. Education is one of the most powerful tools to transform the community, particularly in elevating the community above the poverty line. Dig Deep teaches the community on basic health, hygiene and also providing girls support during menstruation. Unlike other charities, Dig Deep does not infiltrate the community, build a well, and walk away. They provide a long term, sustainable help to the people in Kenya.

For these reasons, and many more, I have chosen to participate in this exciting challenge. To do so, I will need your help to aid me in reaching my target. Any money you donate will go to transforming the community in Kenya and to complete my challenge at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Any form of your help would be very much appreciated.

There are millions of ways to improve the lives around us and change the world; this is the way I begin.

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