Dig Deep (Challenges)
Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Dig Deep (Challenges)


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My name is Nicole Salgado Fernandez, and I’m trying to raise money for the DigDeep scheme, who’s goal is to provide sustainable water and sanitation schemes in Bomet county in the South West of Kenya. Along with raising the money to fund these, the money will also serve in challenging me to climb mount Kilimanjaro.

50% of the funds raised will be distributed for each, hopefully affecting 75 children’s lives for the better through providing access to water, safe and hygienic toilets, as well as ensuring to educate the community in itself to be able to keep the community healthy.

I want to do this as I want to feel that I’ve had an impact on someone’s life. I want to step out of my comfort zone, and challenge myself to climb a very tall mountain for 8 days. Overall DigDeep gives the opportunity to do this, and I feel it is the best way I can do my part to help the people of rural Kenya. I would be extremely grateful if you could help by donating any small amount, everything counts.

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