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My names LaurenAmy Wheeler, I’m 23 years old. Post graduate with a criminology and psychology degree. 

After years of being unable to do things I love, such as climbing and walking due to ongoing problems with my knee I under went major surgery in March 2019 to fix the problem and after getting the all clear I decided to do something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a child. This will push me to my limits and test me every way possible and prove to myself and others that injuries are not a reason to not follow your dreams and do what you want with a little dedication and hard work anything is possible. I cannot wait to take on and complete this one in a life time challenge along side my amazing team mates and reach the roof of Africa.    

Climbing Kilimanjaro is going to be the hardest and most exciting things I’ve ever done. With an altitude of 5895m at the peak and trekking across a range of different terrains to get there, this will test me both mentally and physically. For this trip there is a fundraising target with a total of £2,500 to be raised, to help the charity Dig Deep. This charity provides taps, toilets, training and sanitation products to help allow communities to understand the importance of hygiene and just how import it is to maintain hygeine and drink clean water. For these villages the work dig deep has done has changed there lives and allowed them to carry on and live there lives with radically reduced risks of water born diseases. 

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