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Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Dig Deep (Challenges)


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My name is Jenny May and for some insane reason I've decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of the charity Dig Deep, who provide taps, toilets and training to people in rural Kenya. But you all know I wouldn't do something like this without being 100% passionate about the cause!

Being a geographer, this is something that is very close to my heart and the work they do is life changing. Having always had places like rural Kenya as a case study for preventable deaths, poor health, period education and sanitation, it would be amazing to see the case study change from a negative one to a progressive one! Dig Deep understand that people dying of water-related illnesses is completely preventable, and donating money will help both them and myself massively! Being able to raise money for Dig Deep and push myself to limits I didn't even know existed is something I'm really excited to do. 

Any money you can donate will go to helping Dig Deep continue to provide life saving sanitation and training to those who really need it the most. It will also help me with completing a once in a lifetime opportunity! 


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