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Hey my name is James Macdonald. I am in my first year of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at Sussex University and while I am thoroughly enjoying my course I am also looking to challenge myself with my other big passion of keeping fit.
In August next year I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain. I'm going to be doing this to raise money for Dig Deep, a charity that works in east Africa, in places like Kenya to install running water and toilets and provide training to the local communities so they can then maintain them.
Not only is this an amazing opportunity for me to climb an incredible natural landmark but it will benefit the people living there to develop the sanitation and hygiene resources that they desperately need and the £2500 I raise will serve the community greatly. The money will also go to the porters who will help me climb the mountain who are severely mistreated by some clientel and Dig Deep works hard to support and protect them alongside trying to improve the living conditions for all the communities.

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