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Charley Hall

Charley Hall

Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Dig Deep (Challenges)


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My name is Charley and I will be taking on the massive challenge of climbing Mount Kenya in 2019. I am fundraising for a student founded charity called Dig Deep. They work with less economical developed countries on projects for sanitation, access to clean water and renewable energy. Donations to the charity and challenges such as this are vital for raising awareness and helping them continue their hard work, I want to thank you every single one of you for your donations, no matter how big or small, every penny counts and goes towards this amazing charity.

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Mount Kenya 2019 in aid of Dig Deep (Challenges)

Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya and known as the water tower of Kenya. The trek encompasses multiple terrains and a whole host of African wildlife is visible throughout the days on the mountain due to its lush green environment. Watching the sun rise over the vast African ...

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