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Next year I will be climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro on a 6 day trek encompassing terrains from jungle to glacier! Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights in Africa and climbing it is one of the all-time great achievements.

I will be undertaking this mammoth challenge to  raise money for Dig Deep. Dig Deep are a fantastic charity that works to help schools and communities get access to water and sanitation. They work together to build taps and toilets; to ensure that water and sanitation services are maintained for the long term; and to provide vital hygiene training to the next generation. 

After the coronavirus outbreak, we understand now more than ever the importance of access to clean water and sanitation. 

Dig Deep work closley with Narok and Bomet Counties in the South West of Kenya, where currently 8 out of 10 people lack access to clean water and sanitation. This is something that we take for granted and we dont often appreciate the luxury we have in having constant access to a clean and safe water supply

For the last 12 years, Dig Deep have been working in rural Kenyan communities where 8 out of 10 people do not have access to clean water and sanitation. Where other charities working in East Africa might build a well and move on elsewhere, Dig Deep has a more long-term focus. By working in partnership with local government, schools and communities, Dig Deep build bespoke solutions which ensure lasting change. They do this in 3 ways:

Using locally available materials, infrastructure is built which will supply a school or community with reliable clean water, usually in the form of a rainwater harvesting system. Local artisans and community members are trained in order to manage and maintain these systems in the long term.

Building latrines in schools, giving children a safe, hygienic and private area to go to the toilet. On its own this has a huge impact on children's health and school attendance - particularly for teenage girls.

Training teachers and community members in health and hygiene - ensuring they understand how diseases spread and how they can be prevented. They also provide menstrual hygiene training, correcting misinformation and breaking down stigma, giving girls the tools and knowledge to continue their education and role in the community when menstruating.

In short, three T's: Taps, Toilets & Training.


To understand how your donations will help, here are some examples:

£25 is all that is required to provide a child with a safe toilet at their school

£50 provides 3 children with clean drinking water

£100 provides 100 children and adults health training which will change their lives for the better

By taking part in this life-changing challenge event I will be doing just a small bit to help others in need. 

I have never completed a challenge on this scale before but I am so so so excited to be taking part in something so important!

Any donations & support would be enormously appreciated!

lots of love,

Bee x

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