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Aisha Yasin

Aisha Yasin

Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Hi, my name is Aisha and I am currently studying at Lancaster University. This summer I have decided to take on the challenge of climbing Mount Kenya for Dig Deep, a charity which helps communities in East Africa to access clean water and sanitation.
For me, this trip is about helping people who, in this day and age, deserve access to clean water, a basic right we all should have. This experience involves a 5-day climb, pushing me to help all of these people, gaining experience of a different way of life.
The money raised can transform the lives of so many: decreasing the rates of water-borne diseases, allowing more children to be able to go to school, bringing sanitation to the area.
Please note that this money will go to the many projects Dig Deep have within East Africa as well as funding my climb and trip to Kenya to see their work in action.

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Mount Kenya 2019 in aid of Dig Deep (Challenges)

Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya and known as the water tower of Kenya. The trek encompasses multiple terrains and a whole host of African wildlife is visible throughout the days on the mountain due to its lush green environment. Watching the sun rise over the vast African ...

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