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Dig Deep (Challenges)

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Dig Deep (Challenges)


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Hello everyone and welcome to my fundraising page!

I'm raising money to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and to also help contribute to the clean water initative from Dig Deep to help provide water and vital sanitation in Kenya. The work done at dig deep helps to make available the necessary equipment to create a hygenic environment in areas where up to 80% of people do not have access to water and basic sanitation infrastucture. 

Unlike other charities, Dig Deep focuses on specific areas in south west Kenya, and ensures the longevity and sustainability of the projects long after complettion. Rather than these projects being done soley by the charity, they are actually community run, to really help the long-term goal of creating a safer and cleaner environment for future generations.

As well as being able to help the people of Kenya, the opportunity to climb to the highest point in Africa is a once in a life time adventure!

Thank you for donations!

Aadam :)

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